Supply Chain Case Studies

InterTradeIreland have been supporting SMEs with Brexit.
Let’s have a look at how we’ve supported cross-border SMEs with Supply Chain.

A stockholder based in Northern Ireland

The problem

A stockholder of raw materials based in Northern Ireland who supplies various products to the agricultural, engineering and construction industries, both in Ireland and GB was concerned about the impact on supply chain.

The solution

A service provider met with the company to speak with the staff and gain some background. For example, finding out that the company did not operate under a ‘just-in-time’ model.

A bespoke report included:

• The assessment of stock holding requirements, sourcing, warehousing and storage;

• A list of the top 10 supplier by monetary value importance to business model etc.;

• Identification of high risk suppliers and how to handle any risks;

• A review of contracts that extend beyond the transition period;

This report was followed up by an onsite visit to the company to discuss the report and any follow up questions.

The feedback

“We have been delighted with all aspects of this experience and I have no doubt whatever Brexit delivers we will be in a much better position to understand and manage the Brexit hurdles.”

A mineral supplier based in Ireland

The problem

A mineral provider based in Ireland whose largest market is GB wanted an in-depth review of their complex supply chain which include imports and exports through GB, the EU and rest of world.

The solution

A service provider met with the company to speak with the directors. Based on this information, the service providers produced a complex mapping of the supply chain, this included:

• An import and export profile;

• Terms of trade with suppliers and customers;

• Detailed review of the completed product, the warehouse where it is stored, distribution centres, and finally, the stores where consumer can purchase;

Recommendations were made we made on how to ensure a continued trade environment after the transition period.

The feedback

“The support from InterTradeIreland has been very helpful in taking the edge of engaging outside experts in such uncertain times.”

A food manufacturer based in Ireland

The problem

A food manufacturer based in Ireland is currently importing and exporting to the UK are were concerned about customs and revenue post-Brexit. The company preferred a practical in-house training programme focusing on animal origin and labelling regulations.

The solution

The training outcome was to achieve an understanding on what their company needs to do in order to plan for a Brexit situation in terms of customs and documentation to future-proof their business, this was achieved by the following topics:

• Export declarations;

• Tariff classifications;

• Understanding UK customs;

• Benefits of AEO for Brexit;

• Customs documentations;

• Q&A with Revenue;

• Q&A with an export on animal origin and labelling regulations.

The feedback

“The in-house training was perfectly timed and allowed our in-house Brexit team to focus on the matter relating to our company. This has allowed us to increase our understanding and allows us to move forward with our Brexit preparations.”

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