The Brexit Advisory Service continues to monitor the key areas of this change as it helps businesses get used to the new rules and trading requirements. 
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For example, in April 2022 the UK postponed the additional SPS checks. For those EU Cross-border businesses who trade in products of plant, food or animal origin, this will be a welcome update, but customs continues to be an area of learning for most cross-border traders who trade with GB. 


This website will provide you with an up-to-date source of information to help you address your challenges and concerns. Watch our latest webinars which offer direct support with Customs experts. 

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Currently our most popular pages are  Incoterms and commodity codes and you can also keep a watch out for changes in labelling which is due in January 2023. 

12th May 2022

Customs Q&A Webinar

Watch back on our most recent interactive Q&A session on customs issues, specifically focusing on transit, audits and customs requirements with representatives from Revenue, Manifests Ireland, Abbey VAT & Customs Specialists, Trade Advisers and Bevan Murphy Consulting.

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