The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, now in place, means change. It will require adapting to new trading arrangements, rules and regulations, this means no customs paperwork for cross-border traders, however if you trade with GB you’ll need to be aware of changes for example, additional paperwork requirements. As a cross-border SME It will be important that you map your supply chain and know about the journey of your goods and know their trade route.

Choose an area of support from the options below:

Trade Routes / Customs

Important trading requirements for each trade route, trade information and useful FAQ’s for cross-border SMEs in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

An overview and links to the Brexit deal from the EU and the UK and links to a comprehensive FAQ.

Import and Export Declarations

A simple guide to import and export declarations, seeking the services of a third party and approximate costings in € and £ are also provided.


A simple guide to Incoterms (rules for the sale of goods), covers FAQs and provides important points for businesses attention. 

Rules of Origin

Learn about rules of origin, which are needed to determine the source of a product, some important actions, questions and links to further information.

Commodity Codes

Simple guide to commodity codes, what you need to know about your product, how many digits they should be, commodity code extensions and how-to videos.

Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Controls

Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) controls are measures to protect humans, animals and plants from diseases, pests, or contaminants. Learn the key actions to get your business prepared for change.

Supply Chain

Where your key opportunities and risks are and what actions you can take now to protect your supply chain as a cross-border SME.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, what do the changes to UK intellectual property law mean, the position now and next steps.

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