Don’t take our word for it, here’s what SMEs have to say about the InterTradeIreland Brexit supports.

The availability of the InterTradeIreland Brexit voucher was the catalyst for us to seek professional advice with regard to Brexit scenarios that would have potential impact on our cross border business. We found our service provider to be both knowledgeable and professional and overall we are very happy with the advice provided.

I consider this exercise to be very useful, the levels of detail that went into of the trade flows and business processes, provoked some thoughts and questioning of how we can operate more effectively in the future. Having a plan now to deal with Brexit fallout is very comforting and removes some uncertainty for future investment.

The customs awareness training would have been big expense for our business and to be able to send two employees was of great benefit, there is so much change expected with Brexit impacting on our business directly and our customers, to have the knowledge in-house is something we can use to our advantage.

The training has allowed our company staff to up-skill in the field of customs clearance to allow us to engage in the smooth movement of goods.

Very happy with this programme. It was easy to apply and free to our business. As a result of the programme we gained valuable knowledge and are better positioned for Brexit as a result.

We received a bespoke Brexit plan for our business that has exceeded my expectations. The plan is constructed excellently, well detailed and laid out.

A very clear and precise report on what we need to do as a business to move forward with the changes Brexit brings. Thank you to InterTradeIreland for their help and support with this project, it is greatly appreciated.

This process has opened my eyes to a number of things we had not yet considered. It has allowed us to obtain a report that outlines a number of areas to consider and has created many recommendations.

We received a very detailed and thorough examination of all the anticipated issues arising for my business and provided additional information, contacts and links to resources that will be invaluable for me navigating through Brexit.

About Us

Since 2017 InterTradeIreland have been helping companies to prepare for Brexit through a range of supports and services.

We’ve supported 100’s of companies, no matter what stage they are at with their Brexit plans.

You’ll see our reach from the map showing companies we’ve supported in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

See how the InterTradeIreland voucher supports have helped cross border SMEs across a range of topics and see examples of some recent feedback.

InterTradeIreland can support your business by providing a professional advisor to prepare a bespoke report on the Brexit issues relevant to you or to provide training in key areas.

The examples below show how InterTradeIreland have supported businesses in specific areas.

InterTradeIreland All-Island Brexit Support

How InterTradeIreland Can Help


Examples on how InterTradeIreland have supported SMEs with Customs:

  • Training with practical Customs declarations using live Customs clearance software with training which includes an awareness of Customs procedures and simplifications available to the SME.
  • Practical explanations of potential post transition period Customs procedures and administrative requirements for cross border trade and trade between Ireland/Northern Ireland and Great Britain (and vice versa).
  • Guidance on tariff classifications specific to the client’s business and establish possible financial impacts.
  • Analysis of sector specific Customs regulations/procedures as applicable, e.g. rules of origin, sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements, Export Health Certificates, etc.
  • Advice on Customs saving mechanisms that the client can avail of, e.g. Customs warehousing, transit, inward & outward processing, etc.
Data Flows / GDPR

Examples on how InterTradeIreland have supported SMEs with Data Flows / GDPR: 

  • Mapping data flows and check that they are GDPR compliant under the current regulations.
  • Identifying any data flows or data transfers that may prove problematic post transition period and provide advice as to the appropriate mitigations.
Finance / VAT / Legal

Examples on how InterTradeIreland have supported SMEs with Finance / VAT / Legal: 

  • Reviewing current and future supplier customer contracts.
  • Identifying any potential impact on cross border procurement and or legal implications.
  • Accessing the financial impact of supply chain analysis or customs impact.
  • Availing of current information and advice (on the understanding that this may not reflect the VAT regulations that are ultimately implemented).
  • Providing support for Brexit loan scheme applications.

Examples on how InterTradeIreland have supported SMEs with People:

  • Providing bespoke information on the new immigration system to understand what impact this may have on workforces.
  • The steps involved in obtaining a UK Sponsor Licence.
  • Proving accurate information on the current employees right to live and work post Brexit.
  • Information on cross border workers and Frontier Worker Permits.

Examples on how InterTradeIreland have supported SMEs with Regulations:

  • Analysing obligations with regard to product conformity and compliance markings, labelling and packaging.
  • Providing advice on sector/product specific regulations and certifications that may impact goods.
  • Assessing professional qualifications held by staff that may be impacted post the transition period.
Supply Chain / Logistics / Trade Flow

Examples on how InterTradeIreland have supported SMEs with Supply Chain / Logistics / Trade Flows:

  • Mapping the end to end supply chain and trade flows identifying possible areas of exposure.
  • Identifying top suppliers of strategic products and services and perform a supplier review.
  • Assessing logistical operations for areas of possible impacts both cross-border and Ireland/Northern Ireland to GB (and vice versa) considering order fulfilment and transportation, Incoterms (delivery terms), stock holding and warehousing and storage.

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