The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, now in place, means change. It will require adapting to new trading arrangements, rules and regulations. This information will introduce frontier worker permits for EU citizens. 

Frontier Worker Permit for EU Citizens

A frontier worker is an EU citizen who is employed or self-employed in the UK but resident elsewhere. 

If you are a frontier worker and you were working in the UK on or before 31 December 2020 you can still enter the UK for work.

However, you must hold a frontier worker permit to enter the UK for work from 1 July 2021 onwards.

Irish citizen rights are protected under the Common Travel Area and do not need to apply for a frontier worker permit.

Frontier Worker Permit: Next Steps

We’ve provided some information on how to apply, what you’ll need to apply and expiry dates for the permit: 

how to apply

You can apply for a frontier worker using the direct GOV.UK link below. Applications are free of charge.

what you’LL need 

There is no deadline to apply, but you will need to hold a valid frontier worker permit, as well as your valid passport or national identity card, to enter the UK as a frontier worker from 1 July 2021. Until then, you can continue entering the UK as a frontier worker using your passport or national identity card.

how long will the permit last? 

Your frontier worker permit will last for 5 years. You may be eligible for a five year permit if you’re on maternity or paternity leave when you apply, and you will return to your previous employment, or find another job, at the end of this period.

For more information on Frontier Worker Permit for EU Citizens visit the GOV.UK website

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